Best Protein Powder

Reasons Why You Need The Best Protein Powder For Your Health

Whether you are an average gym goer or a hardcore triathlete, you need to have a diet that has a lot of protein to keep you satisfied and assist in building muscles. There are many ways through which you can get proteins through the foods we eat. Sometimes, the conventional chicken breasts and scrambled eggs can get quite boring and it is a great time to bring in the best protein powder for a fast and east protein source.

What is Protein Powder

Protein Powder refers to a powder form of protein packed food. The powder is simply a concentrate and comes in handy when proteins are required in large amounts as a small amount of powder will provide the same a mount of protein found in a large meal. The powder comes in different forms and varies with the source.

Types of Protein Powders


Whey refers to protein powder made from milk and thus is easily digested unless the person taking it is lactose intolerant or is allergic to dairy products. Whey has the ability to limit the breakdown of muscles and aid a great deal in the rebuilding and repairing of muscles. The best whey is one that is an isolate as it contains high proteins and limited fat.

This is another milk based protein powder that is digested at a slower rate when compared to whey. The protein powder acts as a great replacement for meals as it keeps you full and is best taken before going to bed. The purest form of casein contains an ingredient known as calcium caseinate.


This is a complete plant-based protein powder and is a great option for lactose intolerant people. The soy protein isolate is recommended as it contains more protein levels and less fat and cholesterol. This particular powder should however be taken in moderation.

Brown Rice

While rice is majorly a carbohydrate, it also contains a small amount of protein. The fact that it is plant –based means that it will not contain as much protein as required which is why it is mostly paired with pea or hemp protein powders. This protein is hypo-allergic and is digested fast which makes it a great option for people with highly sensitive digestive systems.


This is a highly digestible plant-based protein with a fluffy texture. The protein contains a high level of glutamic acid which is useful in converting carbs into energy to avoid storage as fat. It should be coupled with other sources of vegan proteins such as hemp or brown rice.


This is a near-complete protein powder that provides omega-6 fatty acids which are essential in fighting inflammation. For people following vegan diets, the hemp protein powder is a great alternative. Hemp protein is high in fiber which makes it a great ingredient in weight loss programs and diets. It is crucial to select the best protein powder among the available and ensure that it works well for you in relation to your needs and health conditions.

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